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Nowadays there are many gold buyers in the Atlanta area. In fact, it seems like everyone has a "We Buy Gold" sign nowadays, but did you know that DGA was the original gold buyer in the Atlanta area, with the original "WE BUY GOLD" sign?!  It is because of this fact that we are able to offer YOU the most for your old jewelry and gold bullion!

When you bring your jewelry to our store, our expert staff can quickly determine the purity and amount of precious metal in your item. We consistently pay the top prices for diamonds and precious metal jewelry. You may have some gold jewelry that is no longer fashionable, something that's been sitting in your drawer for years collecting dust - why not sell it and get fast cash? We are experts at evaluating your fine jewelry, antique jewelry, or signed "signature" jewelry. The value of your gold jewelry is based solely on two determining factors: Weight & Purity.

DGA is an independent gemological laboratory dedicated to being a reliable and consistent source for diamond and gold grading throughout the United States.  "In Our Certificates We Trust" is more than a phrase, it is our standard.  We have an unwavering commitment to be a concise grading source for our clients.  The DGA certificate allows them to rest assured in knowing the diamonds and gemstones are described accurately, which gives our certificate true value.  Our certificate is professionally prepared to meet the needs of insurance companies, retailers, and consumers and trusted as an accurate depiction of the gemstone contained within.  Every day we are continuing to build atop our foundation of trust with our clients.  DGA is always meticulous about  the quality of our work and our certificate is maintained as being the cornerstone of trust in the fine jewelry industry.

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When DGA carefully examines a diamond and issues a certificate the information can be trusted.  This is assured to you because we are independent and only concerned with presenting the truth.  We believe that honesty is the only policy and our clients' main concern.  We have been continually growing because we strive to satisfy all of our clients completely!

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